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Expat tax services

Looking for expat tax advisors with a lot of experience, both locally and internationally? Then look no further, Taxsight is the company you need! They offer all kinds of expat tax services, are always aware of the latest developments in the field and of course very well trained. They assure of the best possible assistance and solutions!

Expat tax services in The Netherlands

Are you an expat in The Netherlands? First of all, welcome! We have a beautiful little country, with an open attitude and a lot of different cultures. It’s always exciting to move to another country, but we are sure you will have a great time.

It can of course be a little bit overwhelming at first. But don’t you worry, we understand you and are always here to help. At least with your taxes. Because that’s something difficult in The Netherlands, the complex system of the taxes.

What can we do for you?

We can assist with all kinds of expat tax services. Think of advice, reports, full explanations and all other custom made solutions. Our team is well trained, highly skilled and always up to date. We can help you with all your questions and problems regarding taxes, laws, tax returns and everything else.

International tax matters

When you work in different countries, it’s very important that you don’t pay double taxes. But this can be challenging, so we are here to help. We will help you with great enthusiasm and professionally, so that you pay the best possible taxes.

Do you get a gift from another country, such as a monetary gift or inherit money? Then please be aware of the fact that this can be subject of the income tax in The Netherlands. Of course we will also help you with this!